Te Rito

Welcome to the Te Rito Homepage

Our Te Rito Bicultural Competency E-Learning Modules provide a guided learning pathway that engages the user by using best practice e-learning techniques and a variety of multimedia. The modules are designed to run through a Learning Management System (LMS) to allow Learning and Development Administrators to review learner progress through the modules. The modules can also be accessed via our own LMS, which gives organisations the ability to invite learners and track progress. 

There are seven courses of Te Rito: Courses 1-4, consisting of 14 original foundational bicultural competency modules originally released in 2018, and Courses 5-7, 30 short modules exploring decolonisation, equity and anti-racism which were released in 2023. You can find out more about our Te Rito Modules here.

The 2018 Educators’ Edition was developed in response to keen interest from the education sector for a customised version of Te Rito. It is delivered via our own online LMS, which is safe and easy to use. Schools can purchase as many licenses as they wish for teaching staff, school trustees and administrators, and can track the progress of learners. The modules are the perfect way to deliver effective and measurable professional development to education professionals in the area of cultural competence. Click on ‘Educators’ Edition’ on the left hand menu to learn more.