Empowering People: Using your Te Rito results as part of your Annual Reporting

“Te Rito is gold for me to be able to report. I would like other government agencies to also see the beauty and ease of what we have to report, to see how this makes our lives easier.” – Licensee, June 2023

It’s June and many of you will be working on gathering data for your August reporting cycle. 

Part of this will be reporting on your progress towards outcomes for your Whāinga Amorangi Phase One plan.

Te Rito can help you directly with this mahi. Staff completion rates for the modules can feed directly into your reporting.

In your reporting, you’re required to show:

  • The percentage of staff that have completed a Te Reo Māori training course (including details of the training and staff feedback on the training)
  • The percentage of staff that have completed a training course on NZ history and the Treaty of Waitangi (including details about the training, and how confident your staff are in articulating their understanding of how it impacts delivery or services)
  • The percentage of staff that have completed training to build their capability in any of the other four MCR competency areas (including details about the training, and how this has built staff understanding).

So how does Te Rito help with this task, and how can you streamline your responses to make it easier to report?

Te Rito Courses 1-4

Courses One and Two of Te Rito provide training in Te Ao Māori

Course Three provides training in Te Tiriti o Waitangi and NZ History

Course Four provides training in Tikanga and basic Te Reo pronunciation

Te Rito Courses 5-7

For those who currently license the more recent Te Rito Courses 5-7, the focus on understanding all facets of decolonisation, racism and equity in these modules not only meets the requirements for NZ history and Te Tiriti o Waitangi training, but also fits with required learning for “Understanding racial equity and institutional racism”. Many of you will have been mapping these modules against the Whāinga Amorangi individual requirements and will be able to report specifically on this. We are working on getting some more detailed mapping to you (especially for new Courses 5-7) that will help if you haven’t done this mahi already yourselves.

Pulling completion rates for your organisation will provide you with the hard numbers you need for this reporting. If you have your own LMS you will know how to pull these numbers. If you use our LMS and are the Administrator for your organisation, go to your ‘Instructing’ tab, click on ‘Gradebook’ click on ‘Course Progress’ so 100% comes up – each page has a total of 10 so count the number of staff that have completed 100% to give you completion numbers. Let us know if you need help with this and we can send you detailed instructions.

Evidence of increased staff understanding can be lifted from the feedback forms we send through to you from your learners, as well as your own surveys and annual performance appraisal processes.

Now is a great time to be checking those completion rates to date and encouraging staff to complete before the cut-off time, so that your organisation will benefit from this uplift across the board in fundamental bicultural capability and you will meet your reporting requirements in a genuine and meaningful way.

We particularly encourage you to release Courses 5-7 to your staff if you have not done so already. Requiring learners to complete the feedback forms at the end of each course will provide you with material for assessing their confidence in articulating their understanding of how it impacts delivery/services.

Also don’t forget that we are in the phase of celebrating the rising of both Matariki and Puanga. Mānawatia a Matariki! However you choose to acknowledge and celebrate Matariki and Puanga in 2023, and on 14 July in particular – Te Rā Aro ki Matariki – we wish you all the best for the rising of a New Year.

Mānawa maiea to putanga o Matariki
Mānawa maiea te ariki o te rangi
Mānawa maiea te Mātahi o te tau

Celebrate the rising of Matariki
Celebrate the rising of the lord of the sky
Celebrate the rising of the New Year

Ngā mihi maioha ki a koutou i raro i ngā tini ahutanga o te wā nei.

Nā māua noa, nā Alexandra & Janine.