Thanks to Andy Karl at Translating Tech, we have a great new website to showcase our exciting Te Rito Bicultural Competency E-Learning Modules.

These modules are a spin-off from the original Te Rito, which has been supporting New Zealanders in their learning about Te Ao Māori for the past ten years. For the modules, we have updated the original Te Rito and added much new material with the aim of providing a more structured learning pathway. The modules are designed to be run through a Learning Management System (LMS) so they are trackable. Where no LMS exists, they can be delivered as stand-alone files.

The first two courses of these new modules are available for license to organisations right now. We are currently working on the third course, all about the Treaty of Waitangi, which will be released in December (update: as of April 2015 all four courses are now available). The modules are an interactive and comprehensive way to increase your bicultural skills and knowledge, and most importantly, they are fun to do.

We’ve developed these modules on the fundamental premise that learning should be enjoyable, interesting and practical. Our goal is to give you information and ideas you can use in your work and in your life. Each module is constructed following an application-focused template: introduction, new concepts, examples of the concepts and how they relate to today’s world, a tool for practising new skills, and a quiz to make sure you’ve taken it all in. There are also suggestions for further learning at the end of each module. We use story-telling and interactivity to bring the material alive – especially important when we look at complex or historical issues.

We look forward to sharing information and ideas with you on this blog and keeping you updated on the new modules. Kia kaha, kia manawanui, kia māia!