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Please complete the form below to request a seven day trial access to Te Rito o Te Harakeke, the Learning Management System (LMS) that houses the Te Rito Bicultural Competency Modules. Your trial account will give you access to a free module, so you can see how they work. You will also be able to see how easy it is to add your own learners and monitor their progress using our simple, custom-designed system if you do not have your own LMS. At any time during or at the conclusion of your trial period, you can subscribe to Te Rito to gain full access to all modules.

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The Te Rito modules are available in two different versions depending on their audience: the Standard Edition and the Educators’ Edition.Please select the appropriate edition for your organisation.

  • Standard Edition: Suitable for corporate and governmental organisations.
  • Educators’ Edition: For teachers and school administrators in the early childcare, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, as well as Boards of Trustees.

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